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Why does the TV Production Manager ask for my rate?

A TV production manager looks after the TV production budget and they look after it so well, you would almost think its their own money. They are like human squirrels.

It's generally the Production Manager who will ask you 'What is your rate' and you need to be confident with the amount you are asking for.

Never be scared to ask what you think you are worth.

Have an imaginary conversation and say your rate, loudly, confidently , almost nonchalantly until you don't sound apologetic for asking for it. You can never go up but you can always go down.

The Production managers are allocated a budget by the Executive Producer or Company Director which allows them to make the best budget friendly programme that will make a profit for the company and give the broadcaster what they think they are paying for. There are always creative differences about what's expected and what is delivered and it is the production managers job to keep on top of all this. It's a stressful job, and so you should always be nice to your production manager.

It's also a great job and there are lots of training opportunities.

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